​However, when ya hire Hott Carl's Pizza:

1.) Food is mediocre at best, with many of the items prepared several hours or days before and left sitting in a refridgerater overnight... Yuck! 

TALE... of the tape!

1.) Food is fresh and wood-fired to perfection before your very eyes, traditional & exotic pizza pies hit the party every 3 minutes for 4 hours straight! ~ Yum!! 

3.) When the food is gone, or at least when your guests are tired of looking at it, they clean up and go home - Big whoop.  

Party Philosophy 

4.) Your guests are so inspired, they won't shut up about how much they loved the entire Hott Carl Pizza Party experience!  They applaud you for your impeccable taste and are astounded by all the unexpected fun they just had, plus, not forgetting to mention how damn cool you still are ~ High 5's all-around, guaranteed!

2.) Hott Carl & Haffro enthusiastically mingle & personally engage your guests, because they genuinely enjoy the company of strangers & spreading a positive vibe - encouraging everyone to dance, drink, sing, EAT & be merry as possible!  

4.) None of your guests even comment on the originality, entertainment value, or quality of the food or service provided. - Ho hum... Your hard-earned money, flushed straight down the toilet, along with all the lousy leftovers.

2.) Low-budget employees with essentially zero personality, could care less about you or your guests.  Looking at their watches the whole time, they barley smile, just waiting to get paid and leave - praying for the party to end... Really?, WTF?

everything else tastes like $#!t...

After a Hott Carl,

​When you hire an average catering service:

3.) While the brick-oven is cooling down, Hott Carl & haffro break out acoustic guitars & rock out - start festive sing-a-longs, take song requests from guests ~ keepin' the party going strong as long as you'd like! 

So, what's everyone favorite thing to do at a party?!? ~ EAT!

​To maximize enjoyment, why not extend the "EATING" portion of our personal gathering as long as possible?

​We've all attended our share of boring backyard BBQ's & lame office parties.

Bottom line, they massively blow.

​The silver chaffing dishes open up and there is a mad dash to the buffet. You pile a heaping mound of food onto a paper plate, rush to find a seat, and then scarf it all down in a matter of minutes... Way to go, fatty!

​So, now what? You feel gross and uninspired.

​When you hire Hott Carl's, we churn out an amazing assortment of fresh, wood-fired pizzas for your guests to share, ​all party long​!

C'mon now, no need to gorge yourself.

We advise everyone to take their time and try a sliver or two of each scrumdiddilyumtious pie Hott Carl's has to offer.

Suggest a dazzling topping combination or grab a frickin' dough and toss your very own!